Egypt: the funniest tweets

Protests continue unabated throughout Egypt demanding the end of the Mubarak Regime’s role, less than 24 hours after Mubarak asked everyone in his government except for himself to resign. Omar Suleiman was appointed Vice President today, Ahmed Shafik Prime Minister, to the continuing protests of the people. Meanwhile, Abbas and other jittery Arab leaders called to express their support for Mubarak, and the Israelis and Americans have expressed their concern for stability in the region (screw freedom). An unidentified Israeli minister quoted in Time Magazine put it best: “”I’m not sure the time is right for the Arab region to go through the democratic process.”

I’ve been following Twitter for the past couple of days, and compiled some of the funniest tweets on the situation.

@Avinunu It’s nearly midnight in the Arab world: do you know where your dictators are? #Jan25 #Egypt #SidiBouzid #Who’sNext

The Arab masses are demanding their leaders hold an emergency Arab League summit in Jeddah and never come home.
مهو يا هرب يا مات … ليكون مات !؟ #jan25 #egypt #whereTheHellisMubarak

RT @anasqtiesh Biden: “Mubarak is not a dictator.” Sure, and *denial* is not just a river in #Egypt. #Jan25”

Hosni Mubarak Reaches Out To Twitter Followers For Ideas On How To Keep Regime Intact #Egypt #jan25

@NaomiAKlein I think Benjamin Netanyahu might be sweating even more than Mubarak right now. Who will help quarantine Gaza after this?

Tzipi Livni:I’m a lawyer who is against Law. Mubarak:I stand with freedom,but not when it threatens the system! LMAO WTF!

عزيزي حسني مبارك: أي جزء من جملة ” الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام” مش مفهوم الك؟؟ كلمة “شعب” شي؟؟ #Egypt #Jan25 #Mubarak

@Omar_Gaza Mubarak:The Great Egyptian people were not demonstrating against me, but against the ministers. Egyptians love me! so I’ll stay! WTF!!!!!

@GregKhalil Mubarak to Egypt: I’m not a witch, I’m you.

@YSalahi America has spoken: Egyptians have a fundamental human right to use Twitter and Mubarak has a fundamental human right to be President #egypt

So not the issue. RT @Falasteeni John Kerry on @AJEnglish re: Egypt: I want the Arab world to speak out on Taliban excesses in Pakistan